Sunday, April 25, 2010

a Mushroom's Story Begins

teaser poster
Starting next term, I'll be busy working on my thesis animation. I'm very nervous 'cos I want it to look good, scared 'cos I'll be working on my own, excited 'cos I'm a masochist but very thankful 'cos I get to do what I want to do as a final project.

I'll be recording the blood and sweat of production on this blog. While the tears I will be shedding will be Plurked.

To start off, aside from the teaser poster, here's the first character study I drew half a year ago. When I was doodling some glowing mushrooms, I gave one of them a pair of eyes then thought of what else it could be doing. I came up with a story idea potential for thesis.

first character study

Most of the story had been ready in my mind but just proposing it was bloody complicated. There are certain formalities to go through first especially 'cos I'm in Multimedia Arts and not Animation. My adviser didn't get where my idea was going. Maybe it's from my poor communication skills. I was proposing the story until I realized I should be proposing the message first.

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