Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dr. Sketchy's "Curse of the Black Widow"

Last night I got to attend my first Dr. Sketchy event during the lovely art exhibit of Spidersilk Productions. The artworks of the Spidersilk trio, the set-up of the place and the costumes provided a nice ambience for a night of figure-drawing and drinking.

Dr. Sketchy
Some warm-up sketches. Top right is the model, Ms. Prudence, before she got on the couch in her burlesque outfit.

Dr. Sketchy
I had sketched things hurriedly so I can add in the colors before time was up.

Dr. SketchyDr. Sketchy
Some of the audience and the caterers (who were all wearing steampunk or goth) volunteered to model.

Dr. Sketchy
Ms Prudence in her second, more risque, outfit. Last sketch before the night ended.

Big thanks to Spidersilk Productions for hosting the exhibit. Along with Dr. Sketchy, the Technoteapot exhibit brought together artists and enthusiasts to appreciate art and draw for themselves.

Dr. Sketchy
Here's some postcard prints from each of the three ladies of Spidersilk.

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